McCoy’s Public House

Kansas City, Missouri

Beers ordered left to right in the picture in the order they are on the sign: top to bottom, left to right.

Landing Light Lager: Nice corny taste, very refreshing. Would be perfect on the patio in the summer (or now, since we’re having the mildest winter ever).

Irish Red: Ew. Weird funky sour taste to it. Would rather drink Killians, and that’s saying something.

Good Farmhouse: Nice appropriate farmhouse funk, tasty fruity esters.

Newcoms IPA: Caramel/toffee maltiness, with a bitter astringent hoppiness. Not the greatest IPA…

Ginger Shandy: The perfect summer beer. Subtle ginger and incredibly refreshing lemonade flavor.

  1. history-hypstr said: Looks like we have similar taste when it comes to red ales
  2. andie-trasho said: I have yet to try an Irish red I’ve liked, tbh. I’ve had everything from Killian’s to local micro brews to Founder’s Dirty Bastard. I’m interested in expanding my knowledge of lagers this spring/summer, though. And that Ginger Shandy sounds great.
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